The Frederick Banting Foundation

The Frederick Banting Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation that funds innovative research towards a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, which is also known as “Juvenile Diabetes.” We fund research in two areas:

    Develop A Practical Cure: Innovations offering a medium to long-term respite from insulin injections.

    Transform the Day-to-Day Treatments: Technologies that radically improve the day-to-day care.

Our goal is to provide capital to exceptionally talented leaders who treat financial stakeholders as true partners, share openly about both progress and challenges, and have a clear vision of how their work will successfully improve the lives of Juvenile Diabetics.

We will consider funding Seed Grant projects as small as $50,000 or multi-year projects as large as $1 million.

We have added a unique database of substantially all Juvenile Diabetes related research in the U.S. or Europe.  This is the most comprehensive source for those interested in learning about which projects have been funded.  It is a great educational tool or a wonderful source of due diligence for prospective Juvenile Diabetes’ donors.